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Sophomore Year Reflection

Sophomore Year Reflection


     During my sophomore year at Hallahan, I have fully stepped into my own skin. I am now more aware of myself than I’ve ever been. I have accomplished being a kinder, happier person. Now, I contain enough knowledge to mold myself into a better person.



Volunteering for World Meeting of Families


     This year was a rollercoaster ride of good and bad grades, happy and sad moments, and smart and not so smart instances. Through Student Council, I stepped into a leadership role and formed International Day. Through Spanish, I have viewed and explored another culture and language. Through English, I have experienced the glorious Shakespeare and the journey of structural writing and how to conjure up an opinion or thought quickly. Through Theology, I have thought deeply about topics I would never have come across anywhere else and learned how to view the world both secularly and religiously and with that, its advantages and disadvantages. Through Government, I have learned extensively about American politics and history and where I stand in this complex world. Through Algebra and Geometry, I have learned the importance of math and how to apply these logical skills to my everyday life. Through Chemistry, I learned all about the world around me, how to speak a common language known amongst the smartest people in the world, and discovered my deep passion for science.


Now leaving sophomore year and entering junior year, I have a thickened skin and am equipped with the tools of science, logic, politics, leadership, mathematics, and literature, fully prepared for the next step of my high school career, along with the many challenges that I am excited, and nervous to face. I know that 10, maybe 20 years from now, I will look back at the education that Hallahan gave me and will be forever grateful. The community of teachers and students, intertwined with kindness, generosity, diversity, and passion throughout, makes Hallahan so unique and special and I cannot stress that enough. I look forward to going out in the world and using my education to do good in the world.


Honors Convocation



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