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The 1975's New Album

The 1975's New Album

      The 1975 is a band I’ve written about before, and they never fail to impress me- sui generis, captivating, charismatic- all words I would use to describe both the sound of the band, as well as the members. Yet again, they have lured me back with their new album I Like It When You Sleep for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It, but not just because of the dreamily-poetic album name, but because this time they’ve completely revamped their style.

      Instead of their usual dark, sultry sound, they’ve instead turned back time and have gone back to the age of synth-pop, the synthesizer-based sounds that made hits in the 80’s. This drastic change also came with their aesthetic: what used to be a black and white icon, has now gone pink and white to give them that bold, bright edge. Every song on the new album brings something special to the table, and I find that each one I listen to gives me a new way to look at things, and although I understand that not everyone likes the same music, I discovered so much truth in The 1975’s music. I love all the songs on the album but I really adore The Sound and A Change Of Heart because they point out the flaws we see in ourselves and that the way we perceive other people isn’t always the reality.

     There are a lot of really incredible themes in this album, and I highly recommend it for anyone needing music to relate to, to dance to, to cry to, it’s really that versatile of an album. Being a fan of theirs since their first album, I’ve had the opportunity to see their progression, and this album has some of my new favorites, especially because I’m such a fan of the 80’s and they’ve done such an incredible job of putting a modern spin to it. The honesty that’s put into all of their music is just so admirable, because they’re so open about idolizing the wrong people and wanting things that aren’t good for them. I think that’s part of the reason I love the band so much, because they never try to hide behind a facade. I think once you listen to the album, you’ll get so addicted to the sound that you’ll never stop and you’ll find that you’ve reinvented yourself through it... at least I did.




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