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Sophomore Macbeth Trip

Sophomore Macbeth Trip


On Thursday, April 7, the Sophomore class went to the Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre to see their production of Macbeth. As you may already know, Macbeth is thought to be a cursed play. Two years ago, the Sophomore class went to go to see Macbeth at Temple. On their journey, there was a big frightening thunderstorm. They were all soaked and rattled by the time they arrived at Temple University. On Thursday, the forecast was humid and rain, thankfully, held off until we left the theatre.


Rob Kahn (Macbeth) and Annabel Capper (Lady Macbeth). Photo by Kendall Whitehouse.

Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre is located on 21st and Sansom. Upon arrival, I was awed by how small the theatre was. When I took a seat, the stage and the actors were just 10 feet in front of me. The actors completely blew me away. Never have I seen such great acting in the theatre. Every line was delivered wholeheartedly, filled with passion. The lighting was done to create an eerie mood throughout the play, and it truly kept me at the edge of my seat. The whole production was very loud.The actors cried aloud, whether with fear or passion, and the sound effects were so prominent that my seat literally shook. The intimacy of the theatre heightened my experience. I loved how the actors stood directly in front of me, keeping eye contact with me and delivering their lines. It was a truly amazing experience. Afterward, the actors came out and had a Q and A with us. They answered all of our questions thoroughly and respectfully.


The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, located at 2111 Sansom Street, now has productions of Macbeth (April 1-May 21), and Twelfth Night (April 14-May 22). Additional Information here




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