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Celebrities and Plastic Surgery

Celebrities and Plastic Surgery


     Bella Hadid is the younger sister of Gigi Hadid, The Weeknd’s girlfriend, supermodel, horseback rider, rich, gorgeous, and famous. She has it all. I was completely infatuated with Bella Hadid. She was so gorgeous and had a chill vibe about her. She looks like a cross between Jennifer Lawrence and Carla Bruni, with blue eyes, sleek dark hair, full lips, slender nose, round chin, and cheekbones. I thought to myself, “How could someone look so perfect?”, until one day, I came across an article that completely astounded me. This article revealed that when Bella was younger, she was often jealous of her sister, Gigi, and her modeling career. Bella went “crazy” with her father’s credit cards getting multiple plastic surgeries. I scrolled down to the before and after photo: 2010 and 2016


     I was completely shocked. How could I be so naive? Here I was ogling over this girl’s features, and it turns out it is mostly plastic surgery! I sat there, angry at the media. I am angry because in this society, girls must be primed and perfect. In every magazine, models are smoothed, slimmed, lightened, rounded, and only God knows what else. Everything is made to be flawless. Is it such a sin to see some underarm fat? Or to see women’s beautiful, black skin? To see blemishes, scars, stretch marks, freckles, features that everybody has? As women, we are fed these images constantly, everywhere we go. Society’s perception of women has been changed, and it is unhealthy and damaging. Some argue it is okay, some argue it is not. But despite all these arguments and good points being made, nobody has moved to do something about it. She was always beautiful. . .


     Ask yourself: Why do these models have to be photoshopped? Some may answer, “To sell the product!” Or “Because they can!” Or “To polish features!”  Models and celebrities already have the job of looking beautiful and selling the product. They have dedicated their hard work and time to advertise and model, shouldn’t this be enough?

     The lies and manipulation that Hollywood constantly spits out disgusts me. No longer will I ever spend $3.99 on a magazine filled with manipulated images. I do not need any makeup tips, or how to eat healthy, or to be any more insecure of impossibly beautiful models. I am me, and that is enough.




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