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The Coolest Ice Cream Shops in the City

The Coolest Ice Cream Shops in the City


     Philadelphia is a city with a rich culture, beautiful art, historic importance, and the iconic, delicious food. Ice cream shops have always been plentiful, and more ice cream places are opening every year. The weather is finally getting warmer and these ice cream places are opening their doors to offer exciting and refreshing ice cream.  


The Franklin Fountain

No. 116 Market St


     Located in Olde City, this ice cream shop offers to its customers not only delicious ice cream, but an old timey setting that makes you feel like you time traveled back to colonial Philadelphia. Franklin Fountain offers a variety of ice cream flavors, most contributing to the authenticity of America.  They also offer non-dairy ice cream, sugar free ice cream, and seasonal sorbets. The ice cream at The Franklin Fountain is homemade with milk and cream from Berks and Lancaster counties and processed by a family-owned dairy dated back to the 20’s. All nuts, fruit, and chocolate are obtained locally.



“The best I've ever had. .. IN MY LIFE! !!”

Says Denise B. from Yelp               


“Pumpkin Ice Cream” from Nikila D.


Philly Flavors

2004 Fairmount Ave

     Philly Flavors provides big scoops of classic, American ice cream; the picture perfect kind that you see models eating in magazines. They provide a large selection of flavors of ice cream, water ice, desserts, and frozen yogurt. They’re all homemade and fresh every time.

“Vanilla and Reese's Purée Sundae” Quynh N. from Yelp



“Birthday Cake on an M&M cone” says Rachel S.



233 Chestnut Street

     Due to the lack of gelato at home, the Capogiro family decided to open their own gelato shop. Capogiro is the one of the very few stores to say their speciality is Italian gelato. Capogiro ensures the best gelato by scouring Pennsylvania for the freshest fruit and dairy provided by grass-fed, hormone-free cows. Their flavors are new and exciting and also bring the essence of Italy to Philadelphia through their more traditional flavors and dedication to be the best.


“Medium Bacio” by Brian S.


“Fruity flavors” by Rubio R.


Gran Caffe L’Aquila

1716 Chestnut  Street


     A restaurant, cafe, pasticceria, and gelateria all at the same time, Gran Caffe L’Aquila provides the highest quality, most authentic Italian food and desserts, all made from award-winning Italian chefs. Gran Caffe L’Aquila attracts their customers with their traditional gelato flavors: nocciola, stracciatella, pistachio, fior di latte, bacio, etc., all made closely to resemble those of Italy. Eating here will change your view on ice cream and gelato forever.


“Chocolate and Desire (Cherry) Gelato” John K.


Scoop DeVille

1315 Walnut Street

     Scoop DeVille is one of those places where you make happy memories with loved ones. They specialize in making desserts and ice cream. What is unique about Scoop DeVille is their blends. There are countless toppings to mix in with a delicious ice cream flavor for a sweet, cold treat on a hot summer day.

“Kit-Kat mixed with peanut butter chips in soft serve yogurt! Delicious!” Noosh M.



45 N 12th Street, Reading Terminal Market

     Established in 1861 in Philadelphia, Bassett’s is the oldest American ice cream company. Their flavors are simple and steeped in American tradition. The centuries old recipe ensures crisp ice cream that is always boasting with flavor.

“Awesome flavors - coffee & guacamole ripple” Qian X.


Big Gay Ice Cream

521 S. Broad


     Big Gay Ice Cream is unique, not in that it explores another culture, but it delves deep into American culture and the childhoods of many present adults. Big Gay serves salty AND sweet, something completely new in the ice cream culture and to the city of Philadelphia.


“Bea Arthur! If you like vanilla then, YUP!” Jason S.


“American Globs sundae... Um yum!” Gia M.



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