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Shadow Hunters Review

Shadow Hunters Review

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The Mortal Instruments fan base has been waiting years for a good adaptation of the series. After the movie disappointed avid readers and rumors of a show were brought about, hope reemerged. It was all looking good; the trailers, the actors, and the advertisements. Many people did not set their expectations too high because Freeform, previously ABC Family, are famous for their cheesy and dragging plotlines (Pretty Little Liars.) When January 12 came, some were shocked, some were disappointed, and some were simply okay.



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From the beginning, I did not set my expectations too high. Therefore, I was not disappointed too much. Yes,  the show has its many faults. However,  the reason I like it so much is that it brought The Mortal Instruments world alive again. Although the world is much more rich and beautiful in my head (Isn’t it always?), the show creates another one where I can get entirely lost in the mess of cheesy flirt scenes and mediocre acting.




Shadowhunters could definitely use less of the classic cheesy scenes between Jace and Clary. For example, when Jace teaches Clary how to use the blade, an excuse to touch and hold her, that is demonstrated in almost every rom com and makes me want to gag. One would think Jace and Alec were the ones dating. And we get it, Simon is in love with Clary! In addition to these frustrations, the show does not follow closely to the books. Of course, this is something to be expected, but if many elements of the books were instituted in the show then it would have been of much better quality, with a rich plotline and more mystery.



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A big problem I have with the show is Jace. He is almost the exact opposite of what he is in the book. Transitioning from the lion-like, slender Jace that is cocky, sexy, and not nice at all to a Jace that is too nice and friendly, smiles way too much, and tries too hard to act tough all the time. What is it with that walk and that haircut? Dom Sherwood is a cutie, but just not my ideal Jace.


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What I do like about the show is the adventure the shadowhunters go on every episode. Watching them fight, summon demons, break into places and etc. keeps me entertained and reminds me of why I fell in love with the series in the first place. Overall, the world has been brought to life and I am content with this simple fact. Watching the show has made me want to pick up the books again so badly. I have come to the sad truth that it is still just a story for teens and it will not attract enough people to be put in the expensive and hard worked production it deserves.


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I recommend this show to anyone who doesn't want the same old same old vampire and werewolf story, but something new that brings everyone together. I also recommend just for the very good looking actors. If you have watched the show and find it interesting, please do yourself a favor and pick up the books.  



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