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Spectre Review

Spectre Review


Spectre is a movie I have been waiting for a very long time and it did not disappoint.


Opening with an explosive (literally) scene in the middle of a El Día de Los Muertos parade in Mexico City, James Bond tries to maneuver a helicopter over the huge crowds and fight the bad guys in the helicopter, all at the same time. He goes back to London and gets yelled at for his stunt.



Stunts like these were scattered plenty throughout the movie, making it an exciting ride throughout the 2 hours and 30 minutes. There was not a dull moment that put you to sleep.


In this movie, Bond faces the ultimate villain that has been the source of his pain since Casino Royale. In this showdown between villain and hero, many surprising and new, unexpected twists were added to the plotline, such as a girlfriend and a big glimpse into Bond’s childhood.



The locations that Bond went to were all exciting and beautiful: Mexico, Rome, Austria, and Morocco. These locations added aspect and beauty to the movie and it was fun to see how Bond left paths of destruction in these places.



The Ultimate Showdown between Bond and villain was exhilarating and dizzying and kept me on the edge of my seat. The surprising ending left me feeling happy for the James Bond character, as he can finally be happy.


     Spectre, I think, was not better than Skyfall. The villain in Spectre was not very evil comparing to others. Throughout the whole movie, I feel left out a lot of emotion. By now, I am so used to tragic endings with important characters dying and Bond killing the bad guy but not feeling better because the important people in his life are dead anyway, etc. When the ending of the movie didn’t shatter my heart completely, I was surprised. Maybe I am so dissatisfied because it is what I am used to, but Spectre was still a beautiful movie that was very entertaining to watch. I will probably watch it plenty of more times when it hits stores and dissect it like I did with Skyfall. I am happy for James Bond and how he is able to finally make a choice and live happily.


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Bond in Austria

Bond and girl in desert

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