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A Court of Thorns and Roses

A Court of Thorns and Roses

     A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas, NY Times Bestselling author of the Throne of Glass series, came out with a new fantasy mixing faerie folklore with the Beauty and the Beast story. Feyre is a mortal who lives in poverty with her two older sisters and father. Feyre is a huntress and provides for her family by hunting everyday in the dangerous woods at the edge of her village. In Feyre’s world, humans are outnumbered by Faeries, immortal, vicious creatures who used to be overlords to the mortals. Mortals were slaves to the Faeries until a big war broke out where the Faeries and Humans fought until they came to an agreement, the Treaty. This Treaty stated the mortals will no longer be slaves to the Faeries, they must both leave each other to its own. One day Feyre is hunting in the woods, which is at the edge of the immortal border of the Faerie realm, and comes upon a wolf who is potential dinner. A few days later, Feyre’s family is visited by a Faerie. The wolf Feyre killed was a Faerie in disguise and according to the treaty, Feyre must pay the price and live out her life in an enchanted court in her enemy’s kingdom.


Feyre is a prisoner in the Spring Court, free to roam but forbidden to escape. Her captor’s body is marked with mysterious scars and he always wears a mask. When Feyre starts to fall for him, everything may just fall apart.

This fantasy world was painted so beautifully and vividly by Sarah J. Maas, as usual. It made me long for Springtime and the flowers and grass under my feet. Feyre is such a strong female character that is added to my list of favorites. This story delivers the rawest elements: love, heartbreak, hope, forgiveness, defeat, terror, and more. This story forms such vivid imagination and overtakes you completely that you feel the characters’ pains in your gut. Another masterpiece from Sarah J. Maas. If you are looking for an exhaustingly good book, this is perfect for you.



Lucien and Tamlin                        Rhysand



Sources: first picture,, quote, map, picture of girl, picture of Lucien and Tamlin    picture of Rhysand, picture of Amarantha



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