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World Suicide Prevention Week: We’ll See You Tomorrow

World Suicide Prevention Week: We’ll See You Tomorrow

"I'll see you tomorrow" is a powerful line. It may not seem like it, but it is...September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day and in honor of my love for last-minute deadlines and more importantly, for this organization (To Write Love on her Arms), I've just opened up a fundraising page as a part of my HOBY team affiliation for TWLOH. Please take a small moment to read what I have to say by clicking below. I'm so happy to be supporting such an impactful cause and am glad that I can share it with you today.


‘The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well" -Ralph Waldo Emerson


The following passage was the description for my fundraising page dedicated to the organization, “To Write Love on Her Arms”. In honor of Suicide Prevention Week, which was September 10-17, the organization had a goal of raising $75,000 (which they met and exceeded!) and asked supporters from all of the world to participate and donate what they can. This non-profit organization offers resources for those struggling with depression, addiction, self-harm, and thoughts of suicide and provides treatment for many who suffer. To support such an incredible and necessary organization was a no-brainer in my mind and I ended up raising $171 for the cause.


Some may be wondering where the name of this organization, “To Write Love on Her Arms” came from. The founder, Jamie Tworkowski, started it for a friend of hers, Renee Yohe, who struggled with living and staying away from her addictions. Bridging the gap between treatment for her friend and her past state, Jamie’s friends supported her in her journey and helped her make it to a point where she could receive help. Instead of the physical evidence of her trials that were on her arms, her friends instead “wrote love”. The organization began in 2006 to help fund Yohe’s hospital treatment and grew into something much larger. Now, TWLOH has made appearances at many festivals such as Warped Tour and is endorsed by celebrities like Panic! At the Disco, Miley Cyrus, and OneRepublic.


This year’s Suicide Prevention Week theme as mentioned above was “We’ll See You Tomorrow”. This may seem like a futile phrase at first glance, but it is difficult to say for some. Part of why I write this article is to raise awareness for such an influential organization (TWLOH) who deserves more recognition. I also write it however to remind people of a few things. First, you never know what someone is going through. Jamie started this non-profit to first help her friend, but then continued helping the large number of those who also suffer with some of the things Renee went through. With that being said, it exists to help. If you are someone who struggles with depression, there are a number of resources on the website to help. Talk with your friends and family and let someone else help to carry the weight. Further, if you have the opportunity to make someone’s day a little easier, take it. Because you never know what someone is going through, you also never know if your act of kindness is just what they need to get through something they’re struggling with. Everyone should be seen tomorrow and there are so many ways you can help with that. Be kind, show love, and consider others.

In closing, the following was written by Tworkowski which inspired this year’s theme.


“Above all else, we choose to stay. We choose to fight the darkness and the sadness, to fight the questions and the lies and the myth of all that’s missing. We choose to stay, because we are stories still going. Because there is still some time for things to turn around, time for surprises and for change. We stay because no one else can play our part.


Life is worth living.


We’ll see you tomorrow.”



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