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The Scorch Trials

The Scorch Trials


The Scorch Trials, based on the novel by James Dashner of the same name, was released in theaters on September 18. The movie adaptation of the novel follows teenaged Thomas and his companions as they try to navigate the barren wasteland that the Earth has become without memories, without completely trustworthy allies, and oddly, without the relative safety of The Glade where they were initially imprisoned. The film of course takes some liberties which means that the experience has the potential to be just as fresh for those who did read the novel before seeing it as it has for those who never picked up the novel. Unfortunately, this also means that the film has the overall potential to be highly confusing for everyone.


The general plot is the same with Thomas, Minho, Newt, Teresa and the others trying to escape the influence of WCKD (World Contamination Killzone Department), a shadowy organization with some questionable practices that seeks to harness their immunity to a highly contagious virus called “the flare” that forces its host to deteriorate physically and mentally so much so that the film fits both the classic dystopian and zombie apocalypse genres. Directly after their rescue from the Maze at the end of the first movie, they are ushered into a large secretive facility that seems to be the only safe place for them to be despite the fact that they had just had their old homes ransacked by an equally suspicious organization prior to being welcomed into this new haven. Trusting a group of complete strangers immediately after realizing that you have been a monitored test subject for your entire life, or what you can remember of it at least, and that you and the new guy who you’ve befriended had a part in that even though you have no recollection of these events? Not exactly the smartest of choices, Gladers.


Thomas, at least, does not believe that they are safe because something seems off to him and rightfully so. He does quite a bit of snooping with another boy named Aris and they discover some pretty big news about their new caretakers. WCKD, it seems, never lost them at all. And so THomas and Aris round up as many of their friends as they can and make a daring escape out into the wilderness of the southern United States where they find. . . absolutely nothing. Unless, of course, we’re counting all of the sand left behind from the solar flare that literally scorched the planet. And as they step into this new world, fraught with dangers previously unknown to them in the solitude of the Maze, they know only that they should be heading towards the general direction of a mountain range where there there is rumored to be yet another mysterious organization with unclear motives that is said to want to destroy WCKD. Can anyone say road trip? And it would be a good idea for the Gladers to get moving quickly because everything changes precisely after this realization when the zombies attack. These kinds just can’t seem to catch a break.





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