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Must-Watch Movies on Netflix

Must-Watch Movies on Netflix

You might often get lost in the sea of Netflix while searching for a good movie. Here’s some suggestions that will help you find your way:


Marriage Italian Style

In this Academy Award winning movie that is both a drama and a rom-com, a handsome, successful Italian man, Domenico (Marcello Mastroianni) meets a sexy young woman, Filomena (Sophia Loren) and the two instantly connect. Flash Forward to the postwar years, the two have been involved in a decade long affair, but then Filomena becomes instantly sick and they get married on her deathbed.



A dystopian movie that takes place in a train that goes around the frozen world. The people on the train are the last remaining living beings on Earth. Starring Chris Evans, this movie is tear-jerking and very heartfelt. It shows the dark, twisted side of humanity and makes the line blurred between right and wrong.



Ever After: A Cinderella Story

Drew Barrymore stars in this romantic, feel good movie that everybody needs sometimes. If you’re feeling down or you’re just in need for a movie that will give you butterflies in your stomach, but not overly cheesy, this is perfect.




This cult classic that is the origin of the slasher teenage movie genre, Veronica (Winona Ryder) is the part of the most popular clique at school. She strongly disapproves of their behavior. Then, Veronica befriends the new guy at school, J.D.(Christian Slater), who offers her a solution to all of her problems.


The American

A spy movie that’s not like the others. After an assassination mission in Sweden goes horribly wrong, Jack (George Clooney) decides to go to the Italian country and remain anonymous. There he befriends a priest and gets involved in a passionate romance with a beautiful woman. But when Jack steps out of the shadows, he makes a fatal mistake.



The Graduate

Hilarious story about a young, naive man (Dustin Hoffman) who just graduated college and has no idea what he wants to do with his life. When he gets seduced, and then falls into a dangerous affair, with the wife of his father’s long-time business partner and close family friend. It becomes a little awkward.



Fruitvale Station

A major tear jerker that documents the last day of Oscar Grant (Michael B. Jordan), before he was shot and killed in a scuffle with the police. A true story that seriously shows you that you cannot judge other people from the outside.



Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2

Must watch, powerful movies that show a woman (Uma Thurman), waking up from a coma and then getting revenge for the brutal, immoral, things that her spy agency has done to her. Her main goal: kill Bill.



Honorable Mentions:



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