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The Young Elites Review

The Young Elites Review



     A new Fantasy Young Adult novel by highly acclaimed author of the Legend Trilogy. Our main character, Adelina Amouteru, is a victim of the Blood Fever. The Blood Fever was a vicious disease that killed many, and if it didn’t kill you, it would give you markings that were unnatural. For Adelina she had silver hair and only one eye that was replaced by the scar left.


An early concept sketch I drew of my main girl, Adelina Amouteru. - Marie Lu, posted one year ago on Pinterest


     Adelina was named a “Malfetto.” Her younger sister, Violetta, also got the blood fever, but was left unscarred. Their mother got the blood fever and died. Throughout their childhood, Adelina and Violetta were loved by their father, in a sickly way. Their father was cruel to them, making Violetta wear beautiful, but too tight dresses, selling Adelina as a sex slave, breaking Adelina’s finger and much more. Throughout Kenettra, rumors of a group of malfettos, who call themselves The Young Elites, have frightening powers.


     “If you searched the black market, you’d find flat wooden engravings for sale, elaborately carved with their names, forbidden collectibles that supposedly meant they would protect you-or, at least, that they would not hurt you. No matter the opinion, everyone knew their names. The Reaper. Magiano. The Windwalker. The Alchemist. The Young Elites.”


     One night, Adelina is listening on her father and his colleagues’ conversation when her name comes up. In exchange for the money her father owes the trader, the trader will take Adelina and make her his mistress. At this, Adelina runs away and as she is running, her father is closely behind. He catches up to her and pulls her by her hair, dragging her the way to home. But Adelina has had enough. She feels a power within her unleash itself and black figures appear out of the ground and scare her father to death. She is captured by the Inquisitors and will be executed.


     On the day of Adelina’s execution, she is rescued by the Young Elites and is taken across the country and stays in their care. Throughout the book, Adelina discovers the usefulness of her power, to create illusions, and becomes apart of the Young Elites, whom she meets and becomes close friends with. The Reaper is Enzo Valenciano, he is leader of the Young Elites and has the power of creating fire.



Very early concept sketch I drew of Enzo Valenciano, with a crazier mask than he actually wears.- Marie Lu, one year ago on Pinterest


     This book was extremely entertaining and just as good, if not better, as I expected it to be. It had a rich setting, which is always very important in fantasy, unique and dangerous characters, a moving and twisting plot that breathes life into your imagination, an ending that leaves you gasping, and new characters in the end to get you very excited for the next book in the series.


     The story and our main character had a dark aura that makes you just intrigued for more. Most importantly, the interesting thing about this story is that it is told in the Villain’s point of view. If I haven’t convinced you maybe these art pictures will:


Morning sketch of Enzo Valenciano- Marie Lu, one year ago on Pinterest


Morning sketch. Adelina Amouteru, in full Kenettran garb.-Marie Lu, one year ago, Pinterest

Sketchdump of various things: Enzo getting advice from Raffaele, Adelina in the top right, Gemma in the bottom right, early musing on Kenettran islands. -Marie Lu, Pinterest, One year ago



More Art (they’re all amazing):





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