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Taylor Swift's 1989 Review

Taylor Swift's 1989 Review

     Taylor Swift came back with a bang. A big bang. When Taylor Swift announced that she’s kissing country music goodbye and going all pop, fans were uneasy and critics rolled their eyes. It was wrong for anyone to doubt Taylor Swift’s new album. It’s Taylor Swift! She’s a genius in songwriting and everything else. She proved this once again with her new album 1989, the year she was born in, which came out on October 27, 2014. In this review, I will go through each song on the album and explain to you clearly why you should buy it.

      The polaroids show can be found in the deluxe album and physical booklet. In each deluxe album there is 13 polaroids with lyrics of the songs on the album. I showed all of my favorites.

     In the deluxe album, found in Target, also includes 3 bonus tracks and 3 songwriting voice memos! Pick it up it’s awesome!

      In every one of TS’s albums she leaves secret messages which you can find in the booklet. How you find them is you take out all the capitalized letters in the text and form the sentence. Enjoy!


Track 1: Welcome To New York

 Catchy lyrics and a toe tapping beat, TS introduces us to New York and tells us about her new, fabulous life there.


Secret Message: We begin our story in New York.




Track 2: Blank Space


Multiple instruments and a change in tone make the song fun and great to sing along to with your friends!


Secret Message: There once was a girl known by everyone and no one.


P.S. Check out the video! You won’t regret it!



Track 3: Style


If this song was an outfit it’d be. . . Stylish. The lyrics tell about a love that eventually dies out, and comes crashing down.  We all know who this is about ;)


Secret Message: Her heart belonged to someone who couldn’t stay.



Track 4: Out Of The Woods


Starts out slow and picks up the pace with the repeated lyrics “Are we out of the woods yet?” The song is more on the calm side, TS tells about how the “woods” made everything fuzzy pre-New York.


Secret Message: They loved each other recklessly.




Track 5: All You Had To Do Was Stay


Another song more on the slow side, with a groovy beat that can still keep your hips swaying. TS tells us about a love that wrecked her and now wants her back. He should’ve stayed. . .


Secret Message: They paid the price.




Track 6: Shake It Off


I know you know this song! Fun lyrics and a sick beat! The most danceable song on the album. TS even wraps a little (and kills it!) TS tells us that she doesn’t let all the critics bother her and she’s gonna keep on not caring, as she breaks the records and the charts rise.


Secret Message: She danced to forget him.


P.S. TS is also telling you to do the same thing! Just shake it off!




Track 7: I Wish You Would


A combination of Bass, Acoustic, and Electric Guitar make the song fun to listen to and tells a story about two lovers who still miss each other and regret the things they did.  


Secret Message: He drove past her street each night.



Track 8: Bad Blood


You can’t help moving to this beat! The lyrics tell of a love gone a bit wicked and dark. A love that left TS boiling. TS gives off a kick-butt vibe that leaves you going “Woah!” and “You go girl!”


Secret Message: She made friends and enemies.



Track 9: Wildest Dreams


One of my two favorite songs on this album! You definitely hear new vocals and style from TS, and lyrics that are darker and make you feel entrapped in this fantasy make you feel like screaming the lyrics out while standing on top of the world for everyone to hear. In other words, it is very bold.


Secret Message: He only saw her in his dreams.



Track 10: How You Get The Girl


Every boy should listen to this because TS got it all right. This song will leave you thirsty for this imagination boy TS made up for you (if you don’t have one already of course). With slow and fast parts it makes for a small jam out session.


Secret Message: Then one day he came back.



Track 11: This Love


A song that makes you feel relaxed and a little sad. Definitely about mixed feelings, TS focuses on the kind of love that makes you feel all the feels.


Secret Message: Timing is a funny thing.



Track 12: I Know Places


My second favorite on this album! TS tells another dark story about how her and her beau try to survive through what everybody is saying about them. The song makes you feel free and a little bit reckless, like you should be running from boxes, guns, and cages.


Secret Message: Everyone was watching.



Track 13: Clean


TS tells us about cleansing herself from a love that is anything but good. A beautiful melody that

makes you feel like you should cleanse yourself of all the negative in your life, just like Taylor did.

Secret Message: She lost him but she found herself and somehow that was




Secret Message


We begin our story in New York.


There was once a girl known by everyone and no one


Her heart belonged to someone who couldn’t stay


They loved each other recklessly


They paid the price


She danced to forget him


He drove past her street each night


She made friends and enemies


Then one day he came back


Timing is a funny thing


And everyone was watching


She lost him but found herself and somehow that was everything.


-Taylor Swift






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