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Cheerleading trip to Annapolis

Cheerleading trip to Annapolis

The Hallahan Junior Varsity and Varsity teams drove to Annapolis, Maryland on Saturday to perform at the Navy College Football game with cheerleading teams from other schools. The trip was more eventful than it turned out to be! Read on to see the inside scoop I got from Varsity Cheerleader, Nicolette Apadula.


Watch the performance!

Part 1

Part 2


Q: What time did you have to wake up on the morning of November 15?

N: We had to be at Hallahan by 6:30 and the bus left at 6:45. It was freezing!


Q: What time did you arrive in Annapolis?

N: I arrived at about 10:00 AM and then immediately started practicing, which lasted for about 2 hours. After we ate, we went back to the stadium and performed at half-time. Then, we started heading home.  


Q: What was lunch like?

N: At around 2:45 PM, we went to the Annapolis Mall to grab a bite. After we ate, we went back to the stadium.


Q: How did you prepare and practice for the performance?

N: We had practiced for about 3 weeks from 3-6:30 Mondays and Fridays and about a 2 hour practice on performance day.


Q: What were some challenges you faced during the performance/practices?

N: We had to make sure that our stunts were perfect and on count.


Q: Did the whole entire performance run smoothly as everyone would have liked?

N: Yes, we did amazing.


Q: How was it performing for such a big crowd? Do you know an estimate of all the people in the crowd?

N: About 30,000 people were in the crowd. It was nerve wracking, this was some of the cheerleaders' first performance.


Q: Did you learn anything from your experience?

N: To be confident and have fun.


Q: How long was the bus ride from Philadelphia to Annapolis?

N: The ride was about 2-3 hours. We had a lot of fun, despite the bus breaking down.


Q: Can you give us more detail on the bus breaking down?

N: We were on our way back home when we stopped to get food, and then the bus got overheated! We had to wait a whole hour for a new bus to come. We arrived at Hallahan at about 10:45 PM.


Q: What was your position in the dance?

N: I was second to first in line, the whole entire team had to line up straight on the 35th yard line.


Q: Did you overall have a lot of fun?

N:We came together to give a great performance and it made some of us nervous because what if we weren’t as good as the other schools?


Later in the year, Varsity and Junior Varsity are taking more trips. Varsity is going to Virginia. Each cheerleader must raise $500.00! They are running fundraisers, you can buy a bow in your class color for $10.00, buy a lottery ticket for $5.00, and Varsity will soon be selling Hallahan Sweatshirts. Junior Varsity is taking a trip to Wildwood, NJ and they have to raise $100.00 each! Look out for fundraisers. Help support our teams!



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